Canadian Federation of Agriculture implores Ottawa to end China trade troubles

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Kevin Yarr · CBC News · Posted: May 10, 2019 12:38 PM AT

The federal government needs to find a way to end the trade dispute with China over canola exports, the Canadian Federation of Agriculture says.

China has banned two major Canadian canola exporters, claiming they found dangerous pests in shipments, which has limited export opportunities. Canada sold $2.7 billion worth of canola seed to China last year.

CFA president Mary Robinson said the trade dispute has had an immediate impact on the industry.

“At CFA, we’re strong believers in science and looking to science to settle these trade disputes when they arise,” she said.

“We implore government that if this goes beyond science, if this requires political intervention, we really do need to see that and we need to see it quickly.”

The Canadian companies deny there were any pests in their shipments. Canada called on China to produce evidence to support the claim at a recent World Trade Organization meeting.

Earlier this month, the federal government increased loan availability for canola farmers and said it would seek new international markets.