Farmers call on agriculture ministers to take action to improve business risk management programs

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The leaders of the Coalition for the Agricultural Growth of Canada are in Quebec City where they await the decision of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture in response to the call launched by farmers that government is taking immediate steps to improve national business risk management (BRM) programs.  

The Coalition for Agricultural Growth and its members have formally asked the FPT Ministers to take the following actions during their meeting this week in Quebec City: immediately adjust AgriStability program coverage to cover losses from 85% of historical reference margins while eliminating the reference margin limit;give priority to discussions on production insurance for the livestock and horticultural sectors that are not currently protected by AgriInsurance;to ensure that discussions on options for BRM programs are useful and focus on program effectiveness rather than funding levels;Establish a technical working group comprised of industry and government representatives to engage farm groups in the analysis of the data and impact of BRM programs.

“Farmers across Canada rely on FPT Ministers of Agriculture to immediately make improvements to ERM programs to help them manage risks beyond their control,” says Markus Haerle, President of the Farmers’ Association. Coalition for Agricultural Growth. 

“F / P / T Ministers of Agriculture are at a critical stage, in the sense that we expect governments across Canada to respond to the call and support Canadian farmers so that we can continue to be competitive in Canada. on a global scale, despite tough commercial and weather conditions, “says Chris van de Heuvel, co-chair of the Coalition for Agricultural Growth. 

“Market volatility and barriers in traditional markets are impacting farmers across the country,” said Jeff Nielsen, co-chair of the Coalition for Agricultural Growth. “Farmers need a set of ERM programs that provide them with predictable financial stability to help them manage these risks. And it is essential for us that these programs be put in place this year! ”


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