Melanie ConsCanadian Farm News

From a news release

La Coop fédérée, an agri-food cooperative headquartered in Montréal with operations across Canada, has entered into a Joint Venture partnership with Maizex Seeds, a leading corn and soybean seed company based in Tilbury, Ontario. The partnership will have a broad, national presence, and the two organizations will develop synergies between their existing operations, building on a foundation as a fully Canadian, farmer-owned seed company.

Maizex Seeds produces and markets seed corn and seed soybeans, while La Coop fédérée produces and markets seed for corn, soybeans, cereals, and forages under the Elite brand. The partnership with Maizex will enable the two organizations to add further to the strengths and expertise that each brand currently brings to the market. Over the coming months, the companies will be working together to launch a comprehensive market strategy to provide full product access and support to farmers across the country.

“As seed and grain distribution operations are becoming more competitive every day, we are pleased to invest and reinforce our presence in Ontario and on the Canadian market,” said Ghislain Gervais, President, La Coop fédérée. “This partnership will generate new efficiencies but more importantly better seed offering to all farmers in Canada.”

“La Coop fédérée is the ideal partner for Maizex, not only given their ownership and shared values, but also their shared vision to invest in the scale and scope of seed business needed to service Canadian farmers across this great nation well into the future,” notes Dave Baute, President and CEO of Maizex Seeds. He adds that La Coop fédérée has a track record of success that has resulted in it being one of the largest Canadian agri-food organizations.