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Ontario Federation of Agriculture Commentary
By Brent Royce, OFA Director

As the leading advocate for farmers in our province, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) relies on regular grassroots member feedback to make sure we’re representing our membership and their needs. From leadership elections and consultations with our Policy Advisory Council to on-the-ground Member Service Representatives and online poll questions, OFA uses a variety of ways to collect member feedback and consult on issues and concerns facing their farm businesses.

From March 5-25, OFA is conducting a general survey asking OFA members for their input on a wide range of topics. OFA wants member feedback on priorities and issues that impact farm businesses in Ontario, the most effective communications channels to reach members, the value of OFA’s various Benefit Program partners and member engagement in advocacy efforts.

Representing 37,000 farm businesses across the province, OFA has a strong voice advocating on behalf of our members, rural communities and agri-food industry on issues, legislation and regulations covered by municipal, provincial and federal governments. Member input ensures OFA continues to advocate for what matters to our members and that everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Grassroots input also helps guide research priorities, legislative and regulatory concerns, member services and the direction of our organization.

For more than 80 years, OFA has been a leader in results-based advocacy and lobbying, and we need to hear from our members to continue delivering results. OFA wants to hear from as many members as possible. Members can watch their inbox for an invitation to fill out the online survey, click on the survey link available at ofa.on.ca or call 1-800-668-3276 to have a survey mailed to you for completion.

With member input and feedback, OFA can continue working to grow Ontario’s agri-food industry, driven by our mission – Farms and Food Forever.

Thank you to all our members who take the time to fill out the survey. OFA encourages everyone to speak up and tell us what matters to you.