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From a news release

OFA congratulates Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative party on forming the next government in Ontario. “We look forward to getting to know new MPPs across the province, and connecting with returning politicians to continue the conversations we started during the election period about the needs of the agricultural sector and our rural communities,” says Keith Currie, president of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA).

Throughout the election, OFA reinforced that agriculture and rural Ontario hold the key for provincial prosperity and long-term economic growth – already contributing $13.7 billion to the province’s annual GDP and $1.4 billion in provincial tax revenues. OFA gathered support for its Producing Prosperity in Ontario campaign from all parties during the campaign – a platform to support spreading economic development across the province.

“With the balance of Ontarians living and working in urban ridings, we advocated for a greater understanding of the needs and opportunities that lie in Ontario’s agri-food industry and rural communities,” says Currie. “We now have a targeted audience of 124 MPPs who will continue to hear about the key messages from our Producing Prosperity in Ontario election campaign and the tremendous potential to drive economic growth, affordable housing opportunities, job creation, environmental sustainability and local food security,” says Currie.

With the new majority government in place, OFA will continue to work for long-term investments needed to spearhead increased economic prosperity in rural Ontario – expanded access to affordable natural gas energy, improved roads, bridges and drainage to support growth and transportation of agricultural goods, and reliable internet to get farms, local businesses and rural communities better connected.